Case Studies

Learn about my creative process

Cinemagraph: Marketing for Social Media

Cinemagraphs are an interesting piece of marketing, they can take what would originally be a normal photo of a product and make it more exciting.

Case Studies Diorama
After Effects: Creating a Digital Diorama

Using After Effects to create a fun digital diorama inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, read through my creative process and see how it was made.

Wired Magazine: Using 3D Models for Magazine Covers

Case Study about my process of designing a faux magazine cover for Wired magazine using a combination of 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D as well as creating the cover in Photoshop.

After Effects: Animating an Infographic for a Brand

Using After Effects I created an animated infographic to help explain the basics of Dungeons and Dragons as well as show off some statistics about the game, such as the size of the player base and what the most picked options are.

Video Case Study: Creating a YouTube Tutorial

A Case Study about my process of creating a tutorial for YouTube. Using my knowledge of video editing learn how I put together a quick, no-nonsense tutorial.

YouTube Content Creation: A Video Essay

Creating two pieces of short video essay content for YouTube with personality, information, and entertainment.

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