YouTube Content Creation: A Video Essay

Starting Off

This project tasked me with creating a project about whatever I wanted, as long as it had to do with graphic design. So immediately I knew I wanted to make a series of YouTube Video essays in the style of creators I frequently watch, about a topic I’m very passionate about. So I started scrounging the internet looking for any resources that would help me get information to talk about in the Magic the Gathering set Unfinity.


YouTube inspirations

I took much inspiration from some of my favorite commentary channels on YouTube such as Huggbees, Danny Gonzalez, and Jacksfilms. They are fairly vulgar but I was inspired by the comedic timing that Huggbees uses and the editing techniques of Danny and Jacksfilms, so I began preparing the b-roll, resources, and my script.

YouTubers Huggbees, Danny Gonzalez and Jacksfilms

Recording Setup

Setting up at first I did a trial shoot at my desk in my room. Unfortunately in combination with the greenscreen I was using and my bedframe, I was prevented from shooting the video in my room unless I moved my entire bed every time I wanted to record, so instead I went with a relatively easy solution.

…one of my classrooms at school. Not the most ideal setup, but hey, it worked pretty well and made for an easy setup since all of the lights were just a couple of rooms away.


Shooting was definitely the longest part of this whole process with me being locked to one room if I wanted to record, setup and cleanup took around 10 or so minutes with help so that definitely made things go a lot quicker

File size

A common issue I have, forgetting to realize how big files are if you make them big on purpose. For this video, I decided to shoot the video with my Pixel 6 phone and then record my audio using my Razer Seiren Mini and mic-stand I got just for the video. This gave me a very good-looking video with very crisp audio but, shooting 4K video sure does take up a LOT of space. Fortunately, I didn’t make this mistake with the second video and shot it in HD 1080p.

Scriptwriting and Transcripts

Descript is a program I’ve talked about a lot in previous case studies, it is a really good tool for audio recording as well as real-time transcription, which helps a lot for me because I like to write the script as I go. I write a quick excerpt in the way that I would talk it out loud and then record it.

Descript Logo

The final Product

Final THoughts

As stressful of a project as this was, at its core it was one of my passions so I had a lot of fun putting these together and sharing a little bit about one of my favorite games.

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