Cinema 4D: Creating a Captivating Cover

About the project

I had to design a Magazine cover with the imagery being a 3D model created using Cinema 4D. I chose Wired Magazine because they utilize interesting visuals frequently, plus they have already done an article on the topic I chose. This was my first venture into 3D modeling programs and it has been very fun.

Target Audience

Wired is a massive magazine company that historically has had an audience of 30-50-year-old men who are either interested in or work in technology.

What does this solve?

It spreads awareness for White Hat Hackers, and their efforts to help make securities better and push towards upgrading our safety online and in tech.


I want to look at other magazine covers while working on this project, that way I can make this cover more interesting and pop in comparison to others made by Wired.


The limitation that is answered here is the cell-shaded design of the modeling. It’s something that can’t be captured in just a photograph with a cartoony look.


The Biggest Issue

One problem I’ve noticed while going through this project was the issue of designing the concept of Morality, trying to display what an Ethical hacker is, without just spelling it out directly. This was one massive challenge on its own, which mainly just needed me to ask around for advice and just see what other people had to say for ideas.

Work in Progress Full Cover Composition

Restarting from Scratch

After lots of talking with other designers, I received feedback saying that my designs could be a lot stronger if I scrapped my current ideas and went in a different direction.

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