Instructive Video: Creating for Youtube

About the video Project

I had to create a Tutorial on any topic of my choosing and decided to choose to do it on a game I really enjoy. The tutorial had to be short enough to keep viewers in, but not too long, that you would lose people over drawn-out sections.

About my Topic

Risk of Rain 2 is an indie game created by Hopoo Games a development studio consisting of only 3 people! They founded their company in a college dorm room in 2012 with their first officially launched game being Risk of Rain.


Cover Art for Risk of Rain 2 Click to View the game’s Website!


Mainly people between 15-26. People who are interested in gaming, or Risk of Rain 2 specifically.


People who look to change up their playstyle in Risk of Rain, or looking to unlock new things just for the completion award.


Showcases very quickly how to get through everything with helpful graphics. But doesn’t go too quickly as to confuse the viewer.

Prototyping my Difficulties

My biggest challenge was dealing with video files, something I’ve never worked with before, I ran into issues with Formatting and had to spend a while learning how to convert file types. Using forums helped me get through my issues a lot, Thanks to other people having posted about the same issues sometime in the past, I was able to solve my problems and finish my video!

Final Product

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